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Check out the solutions you've been searching for!  Annieography has something for the beginner enthusiast, right through to the seasoned Pro.

Turn Inquiries into Clients 

Book The Right Types Of Clients... Even If You're Not A "Natural" Business Person 
Struggling to know what to say to potential clients when they send you that dreaded "How Much?" or comment on your ads?
Do you get a lot of people saying things like: "I just want digitals" , "I'll have to check with my partner."   "I can't afford it." Or just not coming back to you once you give them the price?"
This training will help you to understand what people actually want to hear from you in order to turn them into a client.
Whether you're selling via Facebook chat, SMS, email or over the phone - these are tried and tested secrets both myself and my clients use to dramatically increase sales in a FEEL GOOD way.
1. How to successfully answer the "how Much" question
2. How to create desire so you don't have to overcome objections.
3. How to prep clients easily before the shoot without having to have a "Pre Consult" and minimise cancellations
One Payment of $79

Photography LoVE

Photography for the Beginner to Intermediate
Are you happy with the quality of your work? 
How do you know when your good enough to charge more and then know what to even charge?

This training will show you what people actually want to see in your images to make them want to buy them all. 
 - This is the simple step by step how to "Take Amazing Photos" 
1. Take Beautiful Photos
2. Pose any shape and size women
3. Edit the photos to Sell - Workflow and Editing From Start to Finish
One Payment of $997 OR start NOW with 12 payments of $97

Marketing & Sales for Serious Results

Stressed Out To Booked Out With Clients that WANT to give you Money!
You've spent years perfecting your photography, now you are ready for MORE
  •  Stressed Out to Booked Out!  - No point attracting the clients who want cheap photos. Connect to the exact type of client YOU want to photograph, and the ones who will value you by creating DESIRE and using Facebook the right way! 
  • The secrets behind "Great Marketing" - and how to use in your everyday social media posting to stay continually booked out months in advance with the right type of clients that will VALUE you!
  •  A 12 Week journey to - confidently discover WHO your Perfect Client is and what they REALLY want & need from you.
  •  Connect based on YOUR personality, style and experience. -Enjoy seeing your reach and interaction hit new heights, while having clients ready to book with you.
  •  Discover all things Facebook! - Know what an algorithm is and how you can work it to your advantage to stand out from the competition. Have clients from all over the country to be photographed by YOU!
  •  Integrity based Sales Strategies - Sell your work the "Right Way", so you're not throwing money away! Learn why this simple step-by-step "no sleaze" sales system drives clients to your higher ticket packages!  I'm going to show you how to have confidence around your prices with stress-free sales.
One Payment of $2,997 OR start NOW with 12 monthly payments of $297

Personalised To YOUR Needs

I Want To Work On My Business 1 to 1
  • I'm over doing online courses and I want to work with you directly.  I'm already doing six figures and I am ready for something MORE!
  •  With this boutique marketing service we can offer a "done for you" service to keep you booked out so you can focus on what you do best - taking photos. You're ready to go from $100k to multiple figures without spending another 5 years figuring it out on your own!
  •  This Massive Business Growth & Mentoring System is the ULTIMATE automated system.  We will set you up for continual success and fill your calendar with Perfect Clients who want to buy beautiful photos. We make it so easy for you to get paid what you're worth, with integrity!
  • Business automation systems to get MORE BUMS ON SEATS and MAKE MORE MONEY!  Learn how to get clients to pay you thousands and then send flowers to say thank you! 
  •  This program includes everything above with most of the hard work done for you! Fantastic for the busy professional photography studio.  
Starting at $7,000 + 

MORE Clients
MORE Money
MORE Freedom
Stop saying "one day" and start saying "day one!"
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